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When preparing your order for processing, we automatically crop all images to what we think is appropriate. Keep this in mind while you're browsing because a simple crop can make a world of difference. Take a look at the following example.

In the preview below the visual weighting of the image is towards the right of the shot and the bike doesn't fill the frame. A magazine might prefer to leave the image uncropped as it allows the editor space to insert text and the weighting of the image leads a readers eye from left to right, encouraging them to turn the page. As a print however, cropping would almost certainly improve the image.

Uncropped Image

One can see from the cropped version below that by simply removing the surrounding distractions the viewers attention is directed almost exclusively on the motorcycle and rider. If we feel that cropping your image will improve the final print, we will.

Another thing that you will notice from the two images is the improvement in appearance. To learn why, see our section on image quality.

Cropped Image

We have two higher resolution versions of the above image available for viewing.
750 pixel version 163KB 1500 pixel version 266KB