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How to Order

For information about print sizes and pricing click here.

We are working towards a secure on-line ordering facility that will allow customers to choose the photos as they go and enter credit card details on "check-out" but we still have quite a way to go.

Our best solution at present, is to offer an on-line order form that allows you to enter all details except credit card details and send it to us electronically. We then require some method of payment. Your credit card details can be phoned, faxed or mailed to us. Our on-line order form can be printed and payment details filled in by hand to make things easier. We are happy to accept cheques or money orders but we do not start on your order until we have received full payment.

To use our on-line order form click here.

Either fill out our order form on-line, or save the page and print it out. Fax it to us on (02)
9790 2419 with your payment details.

Just ring the details through on (02) 9790 4960 or 0418 746 867. We need the Image ID, size you require and the number of prints you would like.

Using a printed version of our on-line order form, post payment to:

Keith Muir Photography
P.O. Box 294

If you can't print out our order form for some reason, simply write out the details on a piece of paper and send it to us with your payment. If you're really stuck, call us and we'll mail you an order form.