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Image quality.

Whilst browsing images on this site, one would benefit from understanding a little about digital images and image compression. We certainly don't want to give you piles of useless information, just an overview of the basics, and specifically how that will apply to your image.

The preview below is typical of the previews used throughout this site and it should be remembered that they are intended only as proof images.

Image Compression
Look closely at the preview and you will see a number of digital flaws in the image, particularly around our copyright watermark and around the rear tyre where it meets the track surface. These flaws are caused by the amount of image compression we use to prepare these previews. We have tested and selected this level of compression as we feel that it is the best compromise between file size and image quality. Adding our copyright watermark doesn't help in image appearance unfortunately but, as I'm sure you'll understand, we have to protect our livelyhood.

We could choose to use less compression and the images would certainly look better, but they would take longer to load and server space would cost us a fortune. Alternatively, we could compress the previews a lot more making them much faster to load but the images would fall apart.

At the bottom of this page there are links to higher resolution versions of this preview image. If you are concerned in any way about how your image will reproduce, take the time to view the 1500 pixel version and inspect the detail in the image. If you're still not sure, read our quality guarantee.

Standard Preview Image

Brightness, Contrast and Colour Saturation
Again, looking at the preview above it appears "flat", that is to say that the colours aren't very bright and it lacks contrast.

When processing a print we correct the image before printing it via a traditional photographic process. The amount of correction required differs from shot to shot. Kawasaki Green requires careful attention as do reds and yellows. All images require differing amounts and types of colour correction and contrast adjustment.

The image below, shows how we would crop and correct the above preview prior to printing. To learn more about our prints, see our page on print quality.

Cropped and Corrected Image

We have two higher resolution versions of the above image available for viewing.
750 pixel version 163KB 1500 pixel version 266KB